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Games The Fast and the Phineas
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Hey Kids! Phineas and Ferb invite you to play one of the
Games Magnetic Voyage
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Phineas and Ferb were looking for something to do on another hot summer day. Phineas
Games Cowabunga Candace
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Help Candace impress Jeremy by surfing a giant wave in Phineas and Ferb`s backyard beach
Games HoverBoard Tour
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Choose a character to play with between Phineas, Ferb and Isabela. They are taking their
Games Escape from Mole-Tropolis
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Help Phineas and Ferb collect enough diamonds to repair the drill and burrow their way to
Games Down Perry-Scope
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Phineas and Ferb have built a submarine and are trying it out in their backyard lake much
Games S`No Problem
Category: Phineas and Ferb Games Use your mouse to move Phineas and Ferb. Bounce snowballs across yard to build a
Games Race To Witch Mountain Ram Road
Category: New Disney Games Don`t let them ram you off the road as you race to Witch Mountain! Use your mouse to
Games Doc Hudson`s Time Trial
Category: Cars Games So you think you`re fast? Good - let`s see just how fast! Race as Lightning McQueen
Games Mickey Mouse Super Racer
Category: Mickey Mouse Games Race with Mickey Mouse and his friends! Slide your mouse cursor over the race car to make
Games Hulk - Central Smashdown
Category: New Disney Games Smash as many robots as you can, but don`t let them touch you. Hulk can only crush
Games Culinary Combinations
Category: Ratatouille Games It's a race against time to get the right food out before the orders stack up! Move the
Games Fleemco Foul Up
Category: The Replacements Games Race to fill orders for Fleemco Replacements! Select bonus cards for extra points or to
Games Power Rangers Moto Race
Category: Power Rangers Games Use the Up and Down arrow keys to control your motorcycle, press and hold the Right arrow
Games Mickey Mean Machine
Category: Mickey Mouse Games Select the track you want to play and help Mickey Mouse win the race! To avoid
Games Dumbo Great Race
Category: New Disney Games Help Dumbo pop the balloons to earn points. Be careful! Don`t crash into circus tents 3
Games Disney Racers
Category: New Disney Games It`s a frantic race around ToonTown as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald drive around an

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